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According to the researchers at Oberlo there are going to be 2.05 billion (that’s billion with a B) global customers purchasing physical merchandise from online retailers in 2020 alone.


Considering the fact that there are just about 7.7 billion people on the planet today you’re looking at 25% of the world’s population placing orders for physical products through online retailers over the next calendar year.


To say that there’s a lot of potential for business success in the world of e-commerce today would be the understatement of the century.


On top of that, those same researchers believe that there are going to be more than 2.20 billion people purchasing physical merchandise from online retailers in 2021 – with the number expected to skyrocket each year, every year from here on out.


If you aren’t taking advantage of this opportunity to build the business of your dreams and secure the financial future you’ve always wanted – the financial future you deserve – with the help of licensed team merchandise you are missing out big time.


Here at Anatolia Wholesale it’s been our great pleasure to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and savvy marketers sports fans and enthusiasts that love nothing more than an opportunity to show off their loyalty and their dedication to the teams and the players that they support so much.


In 2019 more than $14.71 billion was spent on licensed sports merchandise in the United States alone, with that figure expected to balloon up to more than $15.30 billion by the time 2022 rolls around.


People love their favorite teams, love their favorite players, and love nothing more than to celebrate the connection they have with their fan hood through all kinds of licensed merchandise – the kind of licensed merchandise that we here at Anatolia Wholesale can connect you to (all at prices that give you an opportunity to make fantastic money going forward).


Let’s dig right in!


NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL Gear


The NFL is the undisputed “king of the ring” when it comes to licensed team merchandise in North America right now, with Major League Baseball, the NBA, and the NHL rounding out the rest of the industry.


Jersey sales and licensed team merchandise (including hats and accessories) are far and away the most popular products available for sale – and also carry fantastic margins for savvy small business owners and marketers that are looking to turn a profit on almost “can’t miss” kinds of products.


Well, here at Anatolia Wholesale we have handled the heavy lifting for you collecting all of the best fully licensed authentic merchandise for the NFL, for the NBA, for the MLB, and for the NHL.


This means you’re going to have an almost endless amount of opportunities to get your hands on officially licensed merchandise from the “big four” major sports organizations in North America at wholesale rates, turning around on your independent e-commerce platform at price points that you set and you determine – all without having to deal with the headache and hassle of going out and securing these licenses or these merchandising contracts on your own.


Not only that, but you’re going to be able to source all of these products direct from a one-stop shop sort of connection (here at Anatolia Wholesale) that eliminates you having to go out and establish relationships with merchandisers, with manufacturers, and with shipping organizations.


To put it simply, we handle all of the heavy lifting for you here at Anatolia Wholesale and offer you a great opportunity to get all of the officially licensed gear, merchandise, and accessories you need to build your e-commerce platform without jumping through all kinds of hoops.


This gives you an immediate competitive advantage over your closest industry competitors, a lot of leverage in getting your new operation up and running in a hurry, but it also gives you an opportunity to flood your e-commerce platform with new products as they become available – all of them legitimately licensed from these major sporting organizations – with you in total control of your final prices and your final margin.


College Gear, Too!


We also have a wide collection of NCAA sanctioned it officially licensed merchandise from all of the major college and university teams in the United States.


This means that you’re going to be able to shop for licensed merchandise from the Big 10, the Pac 12, the SEC, the ACC, and independent power houses like Notre Dame, for example – all without having to spend a small fortune on this legitimately licensed collegiate merchandise.


College sports teams are almost as popular as professional sports teams throughout North America, and when you tap into the alumni network of these programs – with millions and millions of alumni purchasing merchandise with their alma mater prominently featured each year – the opportunity for you to enjoy almost overwhelming success in the world of licensed merchandise is very, very real.


Again, you get all of the advantages with our collegiate officially licensed merchandise that you get with our professional officially licensed merchandise. You don’t have to handle licenses on your own, you don’t have to worry about finding merchandisers or manufacturers, and you don’t have to worry about the headache and hassle of finding shipping partners that can guarantee you have the product you need when you need it most.


We here at Anatolia Wholesale handle all of that for you, all without you having to spend a mountain of money along the way!


Wholesale Solutions for Savvy Entrepreneurs


At the end of the day our specialty is making sure that our customers and our business partners have access to a nearly unlimited amount of licensed products, products that they can start to sell almost overnight with dedicated, passionate, and built-in marketplaces for everything we have to offer.


Some of our products are designed to act as front end products for sure, inexpensive options that are perfect for initial campaigns designed to get you new customers into your database and your marketing funnel.


Other products are little more high-end and are intended to give you a little more margin on the backend, the kinds of products you want to offer to repeat and return customers and the kinds of products you want to advertise to serious super fans and those that aren’t afraid to splash a little bit of cash to show their dedication to their favorite sports organizations.


As we highlighted above, we have licensed merchandise (officially licensed and authorized merchandise) available for our e-commerce and business customers. We have merchandise from all of the major professional teams across all four of the biggest sports in North America, as well as almost all of the major college and university programs in the US, too.


Combine that with the fact that we offer incredible prices on our wholesale merchandise (specifically price so that our e-commerce and business customers can turn a quick profit on every piece), the fact that we offer 100% free shipping on every order of $1000 or more, and a whole host of other benefits – some of which we dive a little deeper into in just a moment – and partnering with us here at Anatolia Wholesale for all of your wholesaler needs should be a bit of a no-brainer


Inexpensive Investment in Merchandise


We have been in this business long enough to know that our customers aren’t at all interested in spending a small fortune on merchandise that may not sell, that may not make money, and that may not attract the kind of customers they are looking for to build the business they’ve always dreamed of.


We also know that our customers are looking for as many different product options as possible to build out their own e-commerce and traditional business platforms, that they’re looking for “winning products” that have low overhead costs and high profit margins, and that they are always on the lookout for something new and something fresh that gives them an opportunity to offer something that their competitors cannot – immediately gaining an advantage in a sometimes crowded marketplace.


You are going to find all of those kinds of products in our Anatolia Wholesale catalog, a catalog that we continue to add to on a regular basis as we find new officially licensed merchandise to make available to our customers and our partners.


On top of that, we offer some of the most competitive wholesaling prices in the industry right out of the gate but also provide an opportunity to increase the savings our customers enjoy depending on the size of the orders that they make moving forward.


Since we started this company back in 2008 it’s been our number one mission to make sure that other people could build successful businesses as quickly as possible with the help of officially licensed merchandise.


We’re happy to report that our reputation for doing exactly that is something we are most proud of!


High Margins


A big component of the wholesale merchandise we make available to our customers is that it offers an opportunity to be priced with high margins built right in.


We recognize and fully understand that not all products are going to have skyhigh profit margins just because of the nature of the product itself, but we don’t think that you should have to spend a small fortune on merchandise just to make a couple of pennies on each sale at the end of the day.


The products that we source and the products that we include in our catalog are all designed to give you every opportunity to enjoy high margins on all transactions.


Some of these products are designed to be lower cost products and lower-priced products, the kinds of products that build goodwill and large customer databases – but other products are certainly set up for you to enjoy higher profit margins right out of the gate, the kinds of products that can transform your financial future and your businesses viability almost immediately.


People in the e-commerce and traditional retail business that we’ve had the good fortune to work with recognize that we aren’t just fleshing out our officially licensed merchandise product catalog with anything and everything you might one day have a chance to sell.


All of our product decisions are built on the back of real data, data that we pass along to our customers whenever possible so that they know how to find the “next big thing” in the world of officially licensed merchandise and accessories before their competitors do.


Easy Resell Opportunities


One of the beautiful things about diving headfirst into the world of officially licensed merchandise is that you aren’t going to have to worry about whether or not there is a market for the products you have to offer.


As we mentioned above, nearly $15 billion was spent annually on sports memorabilia and officially licensed merchandise in 2019 throughout the United States alone. That number has been climbing year after year (at an exponential rate, mind you) and is expected to continue to grow year after year for the foreseeable future.


While other industries can get battered by financial downturns and recessions the truth of the matter is the sports industries – and attainment industries in general – are as resilient as it gets. People are always going to follow their team, are always going to want to show off their fan hood and their loyalty, and are always looking for new ways to add more officially licensed merchandise to their growing collection.


Combine all of that with the fact that there are super fans of every team that by pretty much anything and everything with their favorite teams logo emblazoned on it and the potential to create some high-value order metrics (and skyhigh lifetime customer values) shoots through the roof, too.


Steady Supply of In-Demand Items


Because of the unique partnerships that we have with official licensees and manufacturers of these wholesale products and accessories we are able to offer a steady and consistent supply of frequently in demand items and merchandise, as well as data and metrics to help you find these best-selling items to add to your shop.


You won’t have to worry about “product runs” crippling your ability to fulfill orders, supply-chain shutdowns that handicap your ability to offer your customers exciting new products, or other hiccups in the logistics chain the way you might have to worry about with other vendors.


We are in the business of making your life as easy as possible the products that we make available and are serious about doing everything we can to give you every opportunity possible to succeed in this business.


The track record of success and consistency we have been able to develop since 2008 is something that we are especially proud of, but it’s also something that we continue to build on and reinforce with every single new client we bring on board.


Lightning Fast Shipping


You won’t have to worry about shipping delays when you choose to do business with our organization, either.


Some of the other vendors in this space are going to have minimum shipping requirements necessary to trigger new deliveries, charge skyhigh fees for different shipping options, and very rarely offer completely free delivery on larger quantity orders.


None of those are going to be issues when you choose to take advantage of our Anatolia Wholesale services.


Our shipping solutions are fast, consistent, and reliable and can be configured to be sent directly to your fulfillment center or any other address of your choosing. We offer 100% legally free shipping on all orders of $1000 or more (without any strings attached and without any other requirements necessary), and will do our level best to work with you to come up with a shipping schedule that makes the most sense for your business.


Dedicated Account Support


At the end of the day, we want you to feel totally comfortable with the services that you enjoy here at Anatolia Wholesale.


We want you to know that we are serious about building a real business relationship here and that we are going to do everything we can to earn your business, not just the first time you place an order but every time you have an order you’d like to have fulfilled.


To that end we provide dedicated account support that you’ll be able to rely on anytime you have a question you’d like answered, logistics you need to hammer out, or concerns that you want to have addressed ASAP.


We encourage you to reach out to us via email, through the online contact form on our website, or to give us a call at 254-458-6528 at your earliest convenience – or whenever you have an issue that you’d like us to take care of for you.


If there’s anything else you’d like to know about the solutions we provide here at Anatolia Wholesale, or if you’d like to create an account so that you can start ordering our officially licensed merchandise at wholesale prices straightaway, drop us a line and let’s get started!













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